Raphael Warnock: Herschel Walker 'has a problem with the truth'
Herschel Walker flashes a badge at Senate debate / Fox 5 Atlanta screengrab

Sparks flew during Georgia's U.S. Senate debate when former football star Herschel Walker was asked whether he would support gun safety legislation.

Walker said he would not support any bill that impacted the Second Amendment and then lashed out at Sen. Raphael Warnock for calling law enforcement names.

"And because of the name calling he's done, the morale is down, recruitment is down, only because of what he's done," Walker said. "He's empowered criminals to think they're better than police."

"He don't protect the border, fentanyl is coming into this country — also into Atlanta," Waker said. "Seventy percent of the drugs coming from the border goes to Atlanta, Georgia."

Warnock asked to respond.

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"We will see time and time again tonight, as we've already seen, that my opponent has a problem with the truth," Warnock said. "And just because he said something doesn't mean it's true."

"One thing I have not done, I've never pretended to be a police officer," he said to laughter from the live audience. "And I've never threatened a shootout with the police."

Walker then flashed a badge and was scolded by the moderator for violating the rules by using a "prop."

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