'I send money to a lot of people': Herschel Walker gives awkward answer after Hannity asks about alleged abortion check
Facebook/screen grab

The Daily Beast published a report alleging that NFL player-turned Senate candidate Herschel Walker paid for the abortion of a girlfriend, who kept a copy of the receipts for the abortion, the check Walker sent to cover it, and the "Get Well" card he sent it in.

Walker immediately took to Fox News to claim that he never did anything of the sort -- but had trouble answering questions about the evidence acquired by The Daily Beast.

After host Sean Hannity asked Walker if he'd ever sent a $700 check to the woman in question, Walker replied, "I send money to a lot of people."

He went on to say he hands out money all the time to people because he just wants to help -- and then he invoked his Christian faith.

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"I got into this race because I love the Lord Jesus Christ," he continued.

The Heisman trophy winner then said that no lie against him will prosper.

Watch the video below or at this link.