'Deeply disturbed' Herschel Walker's flaws reveal GOP's 'corruption is complete': Morning Joe

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough said the Herschel Walker saga revealed the depths of Republican corruption.

The Georgia Republican reportedly paid for a girlfriend's abortion in 2009, although he now says it's murder, and his son lashed out against him as an absentee and abusive father to him and his other children, some of whom only became known during his Senate campaign, and the "Morning Joe" host said Walker was deeply unfit for office in numerous ways.

"Well, I would say the corruption is complete, but, well, that was known to Americans a long time ago, during Donald Trump's first campaign for president," Scarborough said. "This is a good sort of update, a good check on where the Republican Party stands. Did they fall in line, every single one of them fall in line? On one day when their leader actually attacks the Senate minority leader, and puts a death wish on him, and then make racist statements about his wife, no Republican comes out and condemns him by name."

"Then the next day his son comes out," Scarborough added, "the son of Herschel Walker comes out on this report on this abortion that the son says Herschel Walker is lying about, and the son confirms what we've all read, that he's abused his wife. He's lied about the abuse, he has four children out of wedlock, I think the son said. Never raised one of them, lied about most of them. He lied about his education, says he graduated from Georgia -- he never did. Lied about working for law enforcement -- he never did. He lied about working with the FBI -- he never did, and from a distance he seems to be, and I'm being very polite here, he seems to be a deeply disturbed man, incapable, as some of his friends from his hometown said, incapable of running a small Georgia town, let alone being a United States Senator."

Republicans know about all of this, Scarborough said, but they've made clear they don't care.

"This is evident to everyone in the Republican Party," Scarborough said. "They know that, but the corruption of the party has reached such a level that even somebody with Herschel Walker's background and with the stories from his ex-wife that, you know, he'd abuse her, put a gun to her head. All of this just doesn't -- they don't even flinch. So, well, let's see what impact this will have on the race."

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