Republicans 'cringe' about the latest allegations against Herschel Walker: Georgia reporter
Herschel Walker speaks to the Class of 2016 during Basic Cadet Training in the U.S. Air Force Academy's Jacks Valley in Colorado Springs. (U.S. Air Force photo)

GOP Senate nominee Herschel Walker is making it difficult for Republicans to unite around his candidacy as the former NFL player's campaign stays bogged down in scandals.

Walker's situation got worse on Monday when an abortion receipt, get-well card and check were published by The Daily Beast after it interviewed a former girlfriend who said Walker paid for her abortion.

It got worse on Tuesday.

"In a pair of two-minute video monologues posted to social media on Tuesday morning, Herschel Walker’s adult son Christian Walker stepped up the attacks on his father, keeping the focus on his dad’s past and saying everything he’s running on has been 'a lie,'" The Beast reported. "In the videos, the young social media star claimed he has damaging information that could end his father’s candidacy, and laid into unnamed Republicans who he said have been knowingly complicit in the lies that are now playing out in public—the Senate campaign he referred to as a 'buffoonery nut-job plan.'"

For analysis, MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace interviewed Patricia Murphy of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Murphy said, "I have to tell you the son's revelations, Christian Walker's own statements, cannot be easily dismissed by republicans nationally. you can say, 'Oh, The Daily Beast is a Democratic Super PAC which I saw some Republicans say on Twitter today. You can say that's a democratic hit piece, but you can't call Christian Walker a Democratic operative."

"This is his son who has remained quiet this entire time until this moment," she explained. "He's saying his father abused him and his wife, threatened to kill them, made them move, as you said, six times in six months because they were afraid for their lives."

"That is so damaging and even Republicans hear that and they cringe," Murphy said. "Some of them will vote for him anyway because they still believe in him, but many are worried right now and this is a really real situation, a really difficult, tough situation."

"Statewide Republicans want to hear more from Herschel Walker over the next week," she explained. "Be more transparent, be accountable for the first time, and explain this to voters. Voters here kind of want to like Herschel Walker, he's so famous. There's almost no way to describe it. He's beloved. A football hero. This is Friday night lights territory. They want to support him, but he is making it impossible right now."

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