Hillary Clinton walks through how top secret docs were delivered in a locked briefcase: 'How did he get them?'
Hillary Clinton. (AFP/File / Don Emmert)

As a former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton said she can't understand how top secret documents were even allowed outside of the eyes of those who manage them, much less to Mar-a-Lago.

Speaking to the hosts of "The View," Clinton said that it should be taken very seriously but she wasn't rushing to judgment unfairly because people rushed to judge her unfairly.

"It shouldn't be partisan," Clinton said. "It should concern every American because those documents and the empty folders as they were marked suggest that there was really important secret information that is essential to our country's defensive security. And when the report came out yesterday that the documents also included information about we don't know which, an ally or an adversary's nuclear program — I cannot tell you how terrifying that is, and Alyssa, you know because you were at the defense department."

She went on to recall times when something was happening that was an emergency situation and that there wasn't time to get to the secure facility at the White House for a meeting in person.

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"And a man walked in, and he would have, like, a briefcase locked to his wrist," Clinton said. "And he would come into my office and he would say, 'You have to look at this immediately, secretary.' He would unlock the briefcase. He would stand there. He would give me this document that had really delicate, secret information about something of importance. I would read it. Then I would sign that I read it. It would go back into the locked box attached to his wrist and off he would go. So, I don't understand how these documents ended up where they are. I don't understand how he was permitted to take them, even to the residence let alone to a country club in Florida. I don't understand it."

The co-hosts asked where the guy with the handcuffed briefcase was in the Trump administration.

"We don't have yet an understanding of what was in them. We're getting little dribs and drabs like the nuclear posture of an ally or an adversary, but I do -- I mean, people literally die to get our government information," said Clinton. "They go to prison. They get exiled. It's dangerous oftentimes, and the idea that this would have been done, I hope everybody takes really seriously. It is not some casual, try to come up with some, you know, throwaway --"

"It's not like an overdue library book," Sunny Hostin suggested.

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She closed by saying that the facts and the evidence should be presented before any "prejudgment." She wants to hear the details about how they ended up at Mar-a-Lago and who else saw them, "because they've been moved around, they weren't in a vault... so we need to wait. We need to have two minds about this: no one is above the law and the rule of law has to be our standard. But, we should not rush to judgment. We should take it seriously. We should be concerned about it and we should follow the facts and the evidence."

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