Hope Hicks tells Jan. 6 committee Trump ignored warnings about election fraud: 'Only thing that matters is winning'
Hope Hicks (Photo: Screen capture)

Hope Hicks told the House select committee that she urged Donald Trump to drop his election fraud claims, but he was willing to risk his legacy to overturn his election loss.

The former White House adviser testified after the panel's last hearing, and video was played at the committee's final public hearing of her interview with investigators.

"Evidence of fraud on a scale that would have been impacted the outcome of the election, and I was becoming increasingly concerned that we were damaging -- we were damaging his legacy," Hicks testified.

Investigators asked what Trump's response was, and Hicks said he didn't care.

"He said something along the lines of, you know, nobody will care about my legacy if I lose, so that won't matter," she said. "The only thing that matters is winning."

Watch video below or at this link.

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