House Dem shreds GOP's new Trump 'coverup committee'
Donald Trump (AFP)

On Tuesday's edition of MSNBC's "All In," Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) tore into Republicans' new proposed subcommittee to "investigate the investigators," fishing for misconduct in how the FBI and DOJ probed the January 6 attack and the plot to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

This comes as Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA), one of the figures investigated by that probe, fanned the controversy further by saying he would not recuse himself if appointed to that committee.

"Let's start with the new subcommittee," said anchor Chris Hayes. "Let's get it to the ways that there isn't a version of this to be perfectly legitimate inquiries. You are shaking your head, so why not?"

"No. This is a coverup committee," said Gallego. "This is a sanctioned coverup committee, by Kevin McCarthy, that he has sanctioned, for the sole purpose of getting radicals to vote for him for speaker. It is, essentially, giving them with their powers to do that, and as if we gave the mafia the right to investigate the Southern District of New York attorney's office ... there's nothing logical about this, and nothing short of that."

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"This is one of only a number of committees that are, of course, going to be used to launch investigations, and everybody is going on some oversight, and launch these investigations," said Hayes. "It is going to an onslaught for House Republicans. Hunter Biden, in oversights with that. It is going to be dangerous here, and is messed with the work it is a special counsel that will drive headlines, and the other is going to be productive as the Durham investigation, and it was a counter-Mueller investigation launched, at the behest of Donald Trump and then [former Attorney General] William Barr, and basically, will do nothing, and that has come up with a bunch of acquittals."

"Well yes, nothing will happen, and also the problem is, nothing will happen," said Gallego. "They're worried about the cost of living right now, these Republicans ran, saying they're trying to fix that, and it shows that they will have nothing to do with that. We have some real-world problems in Arizona, and with water scarcity. They are just not doing anything about that. Everything that they ran on, and it is in the first hundred days. Whatever their values are, it is what they're showing for their actions. It is not aligned with what the American people want. That is why the American people barely gave these people, these Republicans, control of Congress, and quickly we'll take it back."

Watch the video below or at this link.