Idaho suspect scrubbed out his car — and was seen repeatedly wearing 'surgical gloves': Law enforcement

On Friday, CNN revealed new details about Bryan Kohberger, the Washington State University graduate student arrested in Pennsylvania in connection with the brutal stabbing murders of four students at the University of Idaho — including alleged behavior consistent with trying to eliminate evidence.

"The source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, was briefed on observations made by investigators during four days of surveillance leading up to Kohberger's arrest at his family's Pennsylvania home on December 30," reported John Miller and Aya Elamroussi. "A surveillance team assigned to Kohberger was tasked with two missions, according to multiple law enforcement sources: keep eyes on Kohberger so they could arrest him as soon as a warrant was issued, and try to obtain an object that would yield a DNA sample from Kohberger, which could then be compared to DNA evidence found at the crime scene."

"Kohberger was seen multiple times outside the Pennsylvania home wearing surgical gloves, according to the law enforcement source," said the report. "In one instance prior to Kohberger's arrest, authorities observed him leaving his family home around 4 a.m. and putting trash bags in the neighbors' garbage bins, according to the source. At that point, agents recovered garbage from the Kohberger family's trash bins and what was observed being placed into the neighbors' bins, the source said. The recovered items were sent to the Idaho State Lab, per the source."

The report also claimed that Kohberger meticulously cleaned both the outside and the inside of his vehicle.

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Kohberger traveled across the country by car with his father after the murders occurred. Police stopped him twice in Indiana and let him go; reports initially suggested the FBI might have ordered the traffic stops as part of their monitoring, but FBI officials have denied this.

The gruesome killings horrified the college town of Moscow, Idaho, which had not seen a murder for years, and unsettled the whole country due to the weeks in which police seemingly had no leads. Authorities have still not released other details, including any potential motive and what, if any, connection Kohberger had to the victims other than working at a university just across the state line from theirs. These details legally cannot be released under Idaho state law until he is standing trial