‘I’m not racist’: Driver with Confederate flag cited for 'burnout' near Richmond's Robert E. Lee monument
Edward "Brian" Miller (screen shot)

A Tennessee man with a Confederate flag waving from his truck was cited for reckless driving after doing a burnout Tuesday in front of the Robert E. Lee monument in Richmond, Virginia — which was removed Wednesday.

Edward "Brian" Miller drove the six hours from Knoxville to Richmond to see the monument before it was removed, according to the local CBS affiliate.

"I had to see it one time. I've never seen it before," Miller said after being pulled over by police, adding that he only did the burnout to "make the video work."

"He did not elaborate about the video, only to say he was not filming while driving," the station reported, adding that Miller was "not happy with the statue's removal."

"I'm not racist," Miller claimed. "[Lee] is one of my favorite guys in history. He defended his own state. Virginia seceded so he left with them."

He also referred to slavery as a "lost cause" — but said the monument should remain up because the Confederacy "supported small government."

Watch the station's report below.

Tennessee man cited for reckless driving near Lee statue: 'I had to see it one time' www.youtube.com