Florida girl taunts Black classmate with N-word after snatching his phone in shocking video

A Florida student was taunted with racial slurs after a classmate snatched his phone.

Jaylen Leeks, a 14-year-old student at iMater Middle/High Charter School in Hialeah, was reaching for his phone behind a metal gate when a classmate holding the device refused to give it back -- and recorded herself taunting him, reported WSVN-TV.

"She said, 'Look at this [N-word], you see this [N-word],' twice," said the boy's mother, Shonerika Leeks. "It hurts, it's saddening, it's sick, it's disgusting, it's frustrating, you know?"

The teen's parents posted the video on social media and then demanded action from school officials, saying their son had been previously subjected to slurs earlier this year from another student.

"They kept saying that this has never happened before," said Jaylen's father, Agostino Polimeni, "and it's like, well, already your information is wrong."

School officials said the student in the video has been disciplined, but Jaylen's parents believe all the students who witnessed the incident but did nothing should also be punished.

"It just hurts my heart," said his mother, who may not send her son back to the school, "because I send my son to school to get an education and to feel safe and to be safe and they violated that."

Parents speak out after students at Hialeah school hurl racist slur towards their son www.youtube.com