Former Capitol Police chief blames military and intelligence officials for Jan. 6
Former US Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund (AFP)

In a newly released book, former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund blames both the military and intelligence officials for a lack of planning that led to the severity of the Jan. 6 attacks.

His accusation is based on a series of delays he encountered from the military in his attempt to deploy National Guard at the beginning of the Jan. 6 attacks.

According to the New York Times, in an interview about the book Sund said, "I respect the military, I come from a military family."

"The people that decided not to send help to my men and women when we needed that support badly — I can't even understand why they didn't send help," he continued.

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Sund has also publicly criticized the preparation from the entire domestic intelligence community — the Department of Defense, the F.B.I. and the Homeland Security Department for not properly flagging the level of severity of the threats that were being openly discussed online.

Sund writes in the book that those departments should have been, "seeing red," but they did not even contact the Capitol Police.

In the book, Sund gives a detailed review of his actions and surroundings during the Jan. 6 attacks. Sund also believes that in retrospect he should have pushed harder to obtain information from the military and intelligence officials.