Alex Jones' videographer wants 2 more months to think about whether he'll make a Jan. 6 plea deal
Sam Montoya. (DOJ photo)

InfoWars videographer Sam Montoya submitted a filing asking for two more months for him to decide whether he will accept a plea agreement with prosecutors.

The filing, tweeted out by legal analyst Marcy Wheeler, said that he "respectfully moves to continue the status hearing scheduled for Monday, March 7, 2022, for at least 60 days and to exclude time under the Speedy Trial Act."

"The Government has been working with Defense Counsel in order to provide voluminous discovery in this case," Montoya's lawyers wrote. "The parties hope to be able to negotiate a plea agreement that would obviate the need for a trial. However, the parties need additional time for the production and review of discovery and to engage in discussions. Continuing the status hearing currently scheduled for March 7, 2022, for at least 60 days will provide the parties with additional time for discovery production and review and to engage in discussions."

Montoya, who didn't come with press credentials on Jan. 6, has maintained that he was a legitimate journalist covering the attack. Still, the Justice Department charged him after one of his family members outed him for participation in the Capitol attack on Jan. 6. He was arrested in April 2021 and has pleaded not guilty to charges of unlawful entry and disorderly and disruptive conduct.

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According to the statement of facts filed by the Justice Department, Montoya filmed himself saying, among other things, "We're gonna crawl, we're gonna climb. We're gonna do whatever it takes, we're gonna do whatever it takes to MAGA. Here we go, y'all. Here we go, y'all. Look at this, look at this. I don't even know what's going on right now. I don't wanna get shot, I'll be honest, but I don't wanna lose my country. And that's more important to me than—than getting shot."

The video he uploaded of the attack also showed himself entering the Capitol saying, "We have had enough! We’re not gonna take your f*cking vaccines! We’re not gonna take all your bullsh*t! The people are rising up!"

According to the family member, Montoya was near Ashli Babbitt when she tried to force her way into the outer House chamber and was shot by an officer.