So many Capitol rioters are in the DC jail that authorities are struggling to manage the facility: report
Trump rioters in the U.S. Capitol.

On Thursday, NBC Washington reported that Capitol rioters have put an increased strain on the D.C. jail and local court system, with 39 defendants awaiting trial in the system, and many of them filing an avalanche of motions to be released.

"Concerns about the quality of the facilities at the D.C. jail are chronic. In recent years, the I-Team has reported a series of failures of the ventilation, heating, air condition and roofing at the complex, which was opened in 1976," reported Scott MacFarlane, Rick Yarborough and Jeff Piper. "Ron Moten, a community activist, said inmates have long complained about the physical condition of the jail. Moten said the accused insurrectionists are getting a taste of what D.C. offenders have experienced for a generation. D.C. leaders have been making long-term plans for construction of a new jail."

According to the report, "Several of the defendants in the Southeast D.C. jail complex filed formal motions seeking release, alleging a range of problems from physical assault to poor medical care to isolation and 'languishing.' The complaints have further strained the schedules and resources of the D.C. federal court staff and attorneys, who are already juggling nearly 500 criminal cases from the insurrection."

Among the rioters awaiting trial in the D.C. jail are Ryan Samsel, a Pennsylvania man with a long record of sexual and domestic violence accusations who is accused of concussing a cop at the Capitol, and Chris Worrell, a Texas Proud Boy whose request was denied after the judge discovered his social media threats against the person who "ratted" him out.