'Potential cover-up': House Dems ask for probe into Bill Barr and John Durham

Just when the Department of Justice's (DOJ) investigation into former President Donald Trump's dealings with Russia and the 2016 election seemed to be over, two Democrats from the House of Representatives are now requesting the DOJ's independent inspector general to begin an investigation of the entire Russia inquiry.

Ted Lieu (D-California) and Dan Goldman (D-New York) have initiated the request, stating that new information they have learned from a New York Times article has detailed multiple possible ethic and legal violations, including abuse of power, prosecutorial misconduct and even possible financial crimes.

The duo penned an open letter to Michael Horowitz in the Office of the Inspector General, citing both former Attorney General William Barr and Special Counsel John Durham with possible misconduct. The letter also details the two prosecutors who resigned in protest and alleged abuse of the grand jury process.

In the letter the two Representatives stated that the New York Times investigation reals, "possible prosecutorial misconduct, abuse of power, ethical transgressions, and a potential cover-up of an allegation of a financial crime committed by the former President."

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Democratic chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee Richard Durbin (D-Illinois) has already publicly commented that he would host oversight hearings into Durham's inquiry and the Trump administration's interactions with DOJ.

The New York Times article detailed Durham's access to Russian intelligence memos to target Democratic supporter George Soros, a well-known enemy of Republicans and Russian state media.

Durbin along with Lieu and Goldman in their letter, accuse Trump of "weaponizing" the DOJ.