Iowa Capitol rioter busted for recording woman in tanning salon: report
Person using a cell phone (AFP)

An Iowa man who was convicted alongside his son for his involvement in the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol is in legal trouble again, reported KCAU-TV — this time, for allegedly recording a woman in a tanning salon.

"Daryl Johnson, 52, of St. Ansgar was arrested on January 27th and charged with Invasion of Privacy, according to court records," reported Dan Hendrickson. "An arrest report shows that Johnson was accused of using a chair to position a cell phone on the 8-foot-tall dividing wall between two rooms at ‘iSum 24/7’ tanning salon in Clear Lake. The phone was used to record the woman as she changed her clothes during a tanning session."

Per police, Johnson "refused to show officers the video content on his phone" and tried to stop them from seizing it as evidence.

As the report noted, Johnson and his son Daniel were convicted after they admitted to pushing through a police line at the Capitol on January 6 and entering the Capitol through a broken window.

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He was sentenced to 30 days in jail on a civil disorder charge.

Johnson is not the first January 6 rioter to be later re-arrested on additional charges. Last year, Emily Hernandez, a Missouri woman who became famous for holding up a fragment of Nancy Pelosi's office sign, was charged with a fatal head-on drunk driving crash. And Edward Kelley, another accused rioter from Tennessee, faced several new felony charges after being discovered with an alleged plot to murder federal officers investigating January 6.