Ivanka was 'very intertwined' in Trump's business — and her 'brand' is officially dead: Donny Deutsch
Ivanka Trump (Twitter)

Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. won't be able to escape the ongoing investigations into their father's business, according to MSNBC analyst Donny Deutsch.

Deutsch appeared on the network Thursday afternoon to discuss a New York judge's ruling that former president Donald Trump — along with Ivanka and Don Jr. — must sit for depositions as part of Attorney General Letitia James' civil probe of the Trump Organization.

Host Nicole Wallace noted that Ivanka Trump "has branded herself as sort of above the seedy, dark and dirty way that Trump did business, and she's right here in the middle of it."

"Yeah, I mean the kids are going to be tied up," responded Deutsch, the "On Brand" podcast host who has long predicted that it would be the former president's business dealings that ultimately bring him down.

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"I've said this many times on the show," Deutsch added. "If you go up to the Trump Organization, it's not a sprawling empire. It's a bunch of crappy little offices right next to each other. Don Jr. is next to Donald Trump, and Ivanka's on the other side, and then there was (chief financial officer Allen) Weisselberg, and then there was (Trump's former personal lawyer) Michael Cohen. I mean, just like if you went up to a small garment center company, it's a crappy little licensing company, so they are very intertwined. These kids knew exactly what was going on, and they had their hands on anything."

"And you mentioned the word brand," said Deutsch, a branding and marketing expert. "It's just so ironic how Ivanka Trump went into the presidency with this Ivanka brand, and she was in jewelry — to say that the Ivanka brand is dead is an understatement."

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