Ivanka Trump falling under scrutiny shows ‘puzzle pieces coming together’ in Jan. 6 probe: Morning Joe
Ivanka Trump (Shutterstock)

The House select committee wants to talk to Ivanka Trump, and MSNBC's Joe Scarborough said that shows the Jan. 6 investigation is starting to come into focus.

Donald Trump raged against the committee's request for an interview with his eldest daughter, saying the panel was willing to "go after children," but "Morning Joe" panelists pointed out that the former White House adviser was indeed an adult with valuable information to share about the insurrection.

"She is 40 years old and she served four years in the White House as adviser, along with her husband Jared Kushner," said MSNBC's Jonathan Lemire. "She by no estimation is a child. She also was one of the leading voices in the administration and, frankly, one of the last senior advisers still left as Jan. 6 rolled around. Chief of staff [Mark] Meadows was still there, but so much of that West Wing had hollowed out. People left for other jobs because they believed the race was indeed over and Donald Trump lost. There also had been a couple of COVID outbreaks in the building and a lot of folks were working from home."

Witnesses have told investigators that Ivanka Trump unsuccessfully tried to get her father to call off his mob of supporters, and Lemire said she could describe those discussions and explain why the former president decided not to act.

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"Her testimony would, of course, be of great interest to the Jan. 6 select committee," Lemire said. "It comes, as we mentioned earlier, at a very tough stretch for the president with the National Archives turning over thousands upon thousands upon thousands of documents to the committee, which is also looking to ramp up the public face of these investigations, looking to have televised hearings, potentially even in primetime some time this spring."

Scarborough said all these developments showed the investigation had reached an inflection point.

"Over the past two weeks the momentum has picked up on the Jan. 6 committee despite all of the arguments, despite all of the Republicans trying to block this, the law is the law is the law," Scarborough said. "They've got a Supreme Court ruling that says Jan. 6 committee has the right to get the information. They've got volumes of documents, had volumes of documents before that. They have former Trump White House people like Kayleigh McEnany and others who were working with this committee, trying to get information. They certainly weren't in support of the Jan. 6 commission."

"It seems to me they're going to be able to piece together whatever timeline they want to piece together," Scarborough added, "not only on Jan. 6 but in the days leading up to Jan. 6. I mean, you can see the puzzle pieces really coming together here."

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