Trump won't listen to his kids about halting violence because 'he has no respect for them’: Michael Cohen

Longtime Donald Trump "fixer" Michael Cohen predicted the possibility of a violent uprising at the U.S. Capitol over a year ago during testimony before Congress, but now fears there is nobody who can stop the president from inciting more violence.

Cohen was interviewed on Saturday by MSNBC's Alex Witt, who played a clip of his 2019 testimony before Congress.

"Given my experience working for Mr. Trump, I fear that if he loses the election in 2020 that there will never be a peaceful transition of power and this is why I agreed to appear before you today," Cohen said at the time.

Cohen explained his perspective on what occurred on Wednesday.

"One of the things that I said 20 months ago was that Donald Trump speaks in code and that's exactly what he did on Wednesday when we saw his behavior and we saw the statements that he was making," Cohen explained. "He certainly did not turn out and say, 'I want you, my -- you know, my MAGA supporters, I want you to go storm the capitol.' But if you look at the different pieces that he said, 'We cannot allow this to happen,' right? 'We have to take control. We have to show the power and we're going to go walk to the Capitol.' Now, yeah, he didn't say let's go storm the capitol. But when you have people who are riled up and willing to commit this seditious and this disgraceful behavior, Donald Trump knows exactly how to blow these dog whistles to get his MAGA supporters to behave in the despicable way they did on Wednesday and he knew exactly what he was doing and I also stated before anybody else came out and said it that I guarantee that Donald Trump was sitting there and watching what was going on and he was elated at the spectacle that he had created, watching people wearing MAGA flags, capes with the name Trump across it, watching people fighting with the police -- he enjoys this tumult and it's really terrible."

"Donald Trump does not care about anyone or anything other than himself. And if we say that over and over again, maybe the supporters, these individuals that will now face criminal action, maybe they will understand that this man is setting them up like he set me up for a fall," he explained.

Witt asked if there was any chance Trump's family was urging him to leave office before his term expires on January 20th.

"There's nothing that they can say to him, he doesn't respect them," Cohen replied. "He basically only listens to them if they are in agreement with what he's doing. He has no respect for them and he has made that clear, which I talk about ad nauseam in my book Disloyal. Unless they're acknowledging that the things that he's saying and the things that he wants to do, then he pushes them out of the circle and each one of the children are so desperate for love from their father they have this longing need for love from their father that they're willing to even go along with this type of behavior which is so undemocratic which is so unprecedented in our history it doesn't matter, so as long as that daddy gives them an acknowledgment and they're there by his side when this is all going on."

"It's really sad," he added.

Michael Cohen