'Jack Smith is living rent free in Trump's head': Justice correspondent hails documents case
Jack Smith, Donald Trump (Smith photo by Robin Van Lonkhuijsen for AFP/ Trump by Saul Loeb for AFP)

Donald Trump is at major risk in the Mar-a-Lago documents scandal and he has "every reason to be worried," according to a justice correspondent for The Nation.

Elie Mystal was on a panel for MSNBC on Friday night, when he was asked if he thinks an indictment is incoming in Jack Smith's investigation into potentially unlawful conduct such as improper retention of classified documents, or obstruction. Hugo Lowell, The Guardian's political investigations reporter, said reports that Trump was showing the documents to others only adds to his culpability during prosecution

"I think right now Jack Smith is living rent-free in Trump's head. And Trump has every reason to be worried about Jack Smith in part because of what Hugo was just saying," Mystal said. "The kind of crime Trump commits is a crime he admits to again and again anytime somebody gives him free advertising, right? Because whenever he gets free advertising he gets up there and says I took these documents on purpose and I had them because I was allowed to."

Mystal added that Trump should have played dumb about the documents.

"His best legal argument is who could know how many documents I had? Everything is very confusing. If you contrast that to the Biden documents issue that was happening, that was Biden's argument: I don't know. Trump is like, no, I knew exactly what I took because I was allowed to, and that's a very bad legal argument for him."

Mystal added that he thinks "Jack Smith is coming for the documents." For January 6th, for the conspiracy for the attempt to overthrow the united states government, he said he is "still skeptical about that."

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"I'm still skeptical about whether or not Smith or anybody at the DOJ has what it takes to come after Trump for his attempted coup of the nation. But the documents thing, yeah, I think that's going to happen," Mystal said. "As Hugo was saying, showing them around is not in and of itself an additional charge, but the point where you're doing it, it establishes culpability for the charges they're already investigate him from, and while he's showing them around if they had any of those sticky price tags on them, how much it would take you to get your very own copy of this document. That in itself goes to show his culpability."

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