CNN host Jake Tapper was asked Friday on "New Day" about Marjorie Taylor Greene's reported meltdown on the House floor and said she had "issues."

With the caveat that he is not in any way a mental health expert or psychologist, the "State of the Union" host speculated that Greene may have mental health problems.

Speaking with hosts John Berman and Brianna Keilar, Tapper first stated that Greene is not an "outlier" when it comes to aligning herself with Donald Trump's conspiracy theories before the CNN host turned to Thursday's outburst.

"It's not really a screaming match, right?" Tapper began. "Congressman Raskin and Congresswoman Cheney are talking on the floor and, according to my sources, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Congresswoman Greene goes over to them and she starts screaming at them."

"And, look, I'm not a licensed psychologist, I don't know her, but her behavior suggests somebody that has real issues, that is not tethered to reality or basic standards of decent behavior," Tapper suggested. "We have seen video of her screaming at David Hogg from the Parkland High School after the shooting; this is before she was a congresswoman."

"I think what is most notable here is not so much what happened on the floor of the House, but that Marjorie Taylor Greene and Liz Cheney really represent the two doors for the Republican Party right now, which one does the Republican Party want to emulate?" he asked.

"You have Marjorie Taylor Greene who is somebody who engages in all sorts of dog-whistle politics, conspiracy theories," Tapper continued. "And I think Cheney mentioned the Jewish space lasers thing in their back and forth, but in all honesty, Marjorie Taylor Greene on Facebook was suggesting that wealthy Jewish-Americans were using laser technology to cause fires in California for some financial incentive."

"I mean, it is a deranged anti-Semitic conspiracy theory and yet that is somebody with whom many Republicans are siding," he added.

CNN’s Jake Tapper stunned by latest Marjorie Taylor Greene meltdown: ‘Her behavior suggests some