Rick Wilson names GOP senators who worked to undermine the election results before Jan 6th
Tom Cotton (Photo by Tom Williams for AFP)

Appearing on MSNBC early on Sunday morning with host Ayman Mohyeldin, former Republican campaign consultant Rick Wilson suggested that not enough attention is being paid to Republican members in the Senate who were working to undermine the 2020 presidential election results before the Jan 6th election riot.

According to Wilson, the insurrection encouraged by Donald Trump might have been successful if it had been run by competent people instead of a "clod" like attorney John Eastman.

Having said that, he pointed the finger at high-profile members of the Senate for being complicit in paving the way for the attack on democracy.

"Donald Trump has people around him who would throw a school bus full of toddlers into a volcano to stay in office. There is no upper boundary," he began. "We've got very very lucky that [John] Eastman was, in fact, somewhat of a clod in putting this together."

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"He was not a [election lawyer] Ben Ginsberg, or not a more sophisticated attorney. He's an ideologue before he's a legal thinker and scholar," he continued. "That's the only reason that we escaped from this, without somebody with a more sophisticated style and presentation, who could've worked McConnell's people and could have worked the Senate process differently and could've somehow juiced it into a situation where he didn't look like a mob or a horde was coming in."

"Remember this, there were a lot of senators that day, before the mob attacked, who were trying to undermine the process of the electoral vote count," he added. "Rick Scott, Tommy Tuberville, Tom Cotton, Josh Hawley, the whole package of these guys; they were all trying to burn down the process before the mob arrived. They had a legal strategy in their minds that was underpinning this."

"In a lot of ways, the mob reflected Trump's id, and so they went to the Capitol and attacked it but they almost got away with this," he told the host. "We were very close to losing the country that day. They almost got away with this."

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