Watch: Far-right podcaster raves about demonic possession at rally for GOP Idaho governor candidate

A white supremacist podcaster spewed QAnon conspiracy theories during a campaign event for right-wing Idaho Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin.

Stew Peters, who promotes white nationalist propaganda on his conspiracy theory podcast, told gubernatorial rallygoers their political enemies were pedophiles aligned with Satan, reported Right Wing Watch.

“Today’s enemy, today’s uni-party RINOS and liberal Democrats and communists intentionally mutilate themselves for the sake of being transgender, so the only way that they can ever reproduce is by stealing our kids and then filling their brains with poison,” Peters said. “That’s how they operate. We have to call them out. These are the people who want to steal and poison and groom and, yes, rape our children. They’re demonic -- literally. I think some of them are actually possessed by demons.”

“That might seem like shocking language, but you know what, good,” Peters added. “I’m glad that it is because, sadly, the risk of being on the right side of history comes with a very real risk of being labeled an extremist or banned from the internet or jailed or even killed.”

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Peters was the keynote speaker at the event Wednesday, which also featured antisemitic blogger Michelle Malkin and election conspiracy theorist Arizona state Sen. Wendy Rogers, and drew the attention of retired law enforcement officials.

The retired sheriffs and police officials set up a political action committee, the Defend & Protect Idaho PAC, warning against "un-American" extremists like McGeachin and fellow gubernatorial candidate Ammon Bundy.