Trump is 'afraid of being indicted and he has an army': Reporter debates when the next big Jan. 6 will happen
Donald Trump appears during a rally Oct. 10, 2016, at Mohegan Sun Arena. (

FBI Director Christopher Wray told Congress in 2020 that it was once white supremacists and racially motivated groups who were responsible for the majority of violence, but that has changed to be anti-government groups.

Last week, reporter Ben Collins tweeted a series of strange incidents involving QAnon-linked acts of violence. In one case, a QAnon Trump supporter in a rainbow wig stormed into a Dairy Queen with a loaded gun. A father shot and killed his wife and injured his daughter, after his other daughter said that he was spiraling out of control due to QAnon.

"Rebecca Lanis says her father had never been physically violent, but his behavior started spiraling about two years ago after former President Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election," the local WDBJ7 News report said, citing the man's daughter.

"People are wondering when it's going to happen, when the next big January 6th thing is going to happen," said Collins. "And we have this rolling wave of violence in this country by people who are obsessed with bringing back the previous time. That can mean whatever they want. It can mean the '90s. It can mean the '50s, something much further back than that. But they think they are losing control of the culture, of their own power in society, and Donald Trump is giving them a way to get it back."

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Citing the man who killed his wife, Collins explained that the family said he already had some mental health issues, but after Trump, he became violent.

Trump "knows what this is," said Collins. "This is a guy who's losing control of the idea that he can be democratically elected again, but he still has an army, and he's afraid of being indicted. So put two and two together here."

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Trump is 'afraid of being indicted and he has an army': Reporter debates when the nexy Jan. 6