Sunny Hostin and Lindsey Granger
Photo: Screen capture

"The View" on Tuesday welcomed guest co-host Lindsey Granger to join in the discussion about the upcoming Jan. 6 hearings and whether the American people actually care about the issue.

Joy Behar, for one, pointed the finger at Fox News for refusing to cover hearings where their own hosts will feature prominently as part of the evidence.

"Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity and Brian Kilmeade were begging the president, Trump, to stop the attack, so now they're saying the opposite?" asked Behar. "They're implicated in the day, of course, they don't want to report that, you know. And as far as the criticism that's it's a theatrical event, they did hire a former ABC news president to go there, he used to work here, we know him, James Goldstein, with the hearings on Thursday."

Conservative Granger said that Fox is airing the hearing, but it was going to be on Fox Business, a channel that Behar noted no one watches.

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"Tucker Carlson is the most-watched program across cable news and on Fox News in particular," Sunny Hostin cut in. "I think it's a disservice to their viewers they peddled all of this misinformation and they're not allowing viewers to see the Jan. 6th committee, don't you think that's -- you think the average Fox News viewer will go somewhere else?"

Granger said she didn't think that, but she said that people watched the Jan. 6 attack on every channel and saw it.

"What's the smoking gun here?" she asked.

Granger argued that people don't care about Jan. 6, they care about gas prices and baby formula. Whoopi Goldberg cut in to say that people can hold more than one thought in their heads at a time.

"But I think we do a disservice to the public when we suggest that they're not thinking about those things as well, they are, and Americans know here are the things that are going on and we also know when we go to sleep we don't wake up in a new country," said Goldberg as Granger tried to talk over her. "I think we're going to have to watch and see."

Sara Haines explained that people are concerned about formula and gas, "but without a democracy, this could so easily become what Ukraine is going through, what Russia is going through right now. It could get worse than it is right now if we're not watching."

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