GOP candidate tells story about confronting Black family at restaurant -- and prefaces it by saying 'my wife is Mexican'
Jason Woolford (Official photo)

Jason Woolford, a Republican Michigan state representative candidate, recently told a story about confronting a Black family in a Cracker Barrel about why they're wearing face masks during a deadly pandemic when Democrats are purportedly killing Black babies by supporting abortion rights.

In a video flagged by WCPT 820's Heartland Signal, Woolford recently told The Gray Area Podcast that he was baffled to see a Black family wearing masks when they were sitting down at a restaurant, and he decided to ask them about it.

But before that, he threw in a disclaimer to seemingly establish his anti-racist credentials.

"I want people to listen very carefully here so this isn't taken the wrong way," he said. "Let me preface the story to this -- my wife is Mexican."

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Woolford then went on to say that he doesn't like designating people by their skin color, which he finds divisive. He then nonetheless said that it was a Black family who was wearing masks at the restaurant, and he took the opportunity to question them about why they might vote for Democrats.

"I told them. I said, 'Don't you find it ironic that the people that are telling you to wear this mask are the same people who go into your inner cities and slaughter the babies of Blacks and Hispanics?" he asked them, despite the fact that he did not know if this particular family actually live in an "inner city."

"Those are the same people who are telling you they care about you and are telling you to wear that mask!" he said.

Watch the video below or at this link.