Watch: Reporter clashes with J.D. Vance for 'propagating and promoting white resentment'
Twitter/screen grab

NBC News correspondent Vaughn Hillyard confronted Republican U.S. Senate candidate J.D. Vance for "propagating and promoting white resentment."

At a campaign stop in Ohio on Monday, Hillyard asked Vance why he had chosen to campaign with controversial figures like Charlie Kirk, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Donald Trump Jr.

Vaughn noted that Kirk recently claimed there is "an undeniable War on White People in The West."

"By stoking white resentment here, instead of appealing to people's better angels, why?" the reporter asked.

But Kirk, who was standing nearby, would not let Vance answer the question.

"He's endorsed by Trump," Kirk said. "If you've got a question for me, you can talk to me afterward."

Vaughn pressed Vance: "By choosing Marjorie Taylor Greene, by choosing Charlie Kirk, who has said those words, you are promoting and propagating white resentment."

"I reject the premise of the question," Vance replied. "This is a game the media plays where, by having friends, you assume that I have every single viewpoint that those people have. That's ridiculous."

"I bring Charlie here because I think he's a great warrior for the conservative movement and because we agree on most things!" he added. "We dont agree on everything and the idea that you'd impute every single view of a person's friends or a person's supporters all to them is a game the media plays. I'm going to play that game."

Watch the video below.

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