'Real villain' Jeffrey Clark slammed for running 'a coup inside the Justice Department' by CNN legal analyst
Jeffrey Clark

On Wednesday's edition of CNN's "The Situation Room," former federal prosecutor Elie Honig tore into former Trump DOJ official Jeffrey Clark following his testimony to the House Select Committee investigating the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, in which he repeatedly took the Fifth Amendment.

"How significant is it that Jeffrey Clark, who tried to orchestrate the Trump coup plot from inside the Justice Department, actually appeared today after being threatened with contempt?" asked anchor Wolf Blitzer.

"Jeffrey Clark is a real villain in the whole story behind and leading up to January 6th," said Honig. "He's sort of slid under the radar, but let's remember, he tried to run a coup attempt inside the Justice Department to aid Donald Trump's effort to steal the election. He tried to get himself installed as the acting AG, going outside the chain of command. And he wrote a letter that falsely stated that DOJ had found evidence of election fraud."

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"Now, if he took the Fifth today, he is entitled to do that, that's a constitutional right," added Honig. "But we in the public are entitled to know what an embarrassment and a disgrace it is for a former high-ranking DOJ official to have to hide behind the Fifth."

Watch below:

Elie Honig calls Jeffrey Clark a "disgrace" to the Justice Department www.youtube.com