'I'm a big-time victim': MAGA rioter Jenna Ryan whines she's being used to 'skewer Trump' — and threatens revenge
Jenna Ryan (YouTube/Screen cap)

Infamous MAGA rioter Jenna Ryan told right-wing network Newsmax she's a "big-time victim" after being sentenced to 60 days in prison for her role in the Capitol insurrection.

"This has been the most atrocious year," Ryan told host Greg Kelly, in a clip she posted to her YouTube account on Saturday. "I am not in good shape. I don't even know how I'm sitting here, but it is what it is."

Ryan said she believes she's going to prison because the media made her "the face of the riot."

Kelly suggested that Ryan is being punished because she's "a person of privilege" who flew to DC on a private jet before the insurrection — despite her well-publicized tax woes.

Ryan, meanwhile, defended a tweet from March in which she said she wasn't going to prison because she's white and blonde — saying she was merely sticking up for herself in response to a message from another Twitter user.

"That's just one more example of how they've taken my image and used my image to skewer Trump, to skewer Trump supporters, and definitely to skewer myself," Ryan said.

"You're a victim," Kelly responded.

"I'm a big-time victim," Ryan said. "Like, I've gone through hell. They've gone through my phone. ... I was treated like a terrorist at the airport. ... I cannot tell you how I've been treated, and it's been horrible, and it's a travesty, and I hope I don't get in trouble for talking right now."

After Kelly suggested that something good could come out of Ryan's ordeal, she responded by issuing an apparent threat to her critics.

"What we're going to do is now take action against some of the cancel culture," she said. "Anyone out there who's spread lies about me will be hearing from my people in the future."

Kelly concluded the interview by saying, "Good luck in prison."

Watch below.

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