'I acted the fool': Tennessee GOP lawmaker regrets trying to pull down basketball ref's pants during argument
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Tennessee State Rep. Jeremy Faison issued a public apology this week after he was caught on video trying to pull down a high school basketball referee's pants during an argument at a game.

Local news station WSMV reports that Faison was attending a boys basketball game at Providence Academy in Johnson City when a tussle broke out among players over a loose ball.

At this point, Faison left his seat and walked over to the scoring table where he started arguing with a referee. After a brief exchange of words, Faison tried to pull the ref's pants down and then walked away.

He was subsequently ejected from the building.

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Faison took to Twitter in the wake of the incident and delivered a public apology.

"Unfortunately, I acted the fool tonight and lost my temper on a ref," he said. "I was wanting him to fight me. Totally lost my junk and got booted from the gym. I’ve never really lost my temper but I did tonight and it was completely stupid of me. Emotions getting in the way of rational thoughts are never good. I hope to be able to find the ref and ask for his forgiveness. I was bad wrong."

Watch the video below.