Jim Jordan facing heat from conservatives over handling of 'weaponization' hearings
Congressman Jim Jordan at CPAC 2023. (Shutterstock.com)

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) is delivering an investigation that conservatives wanted, but now he's facing heat because they failed to generate much sizzle.

Conservatives had hoped the hearings would demonstrate that Democrats had weaponized the federal government against them, but questions have been raised about the credibility of witnesses suggested by outside groups -- who are now criticizing Jordan because their testimony has fallen flat.

“There is a feeling right now that this will simply be a Fox News clip generator — this really needs to be a comprehensive, well-resourced examination of the security state,” a person familiar with the committee’s operations told the Washington Post. “It can’t be a way for members to get three- to five-minute hits on the Sean Hannity show. If they want this to be real, it has to be done right.”

Jacqueline Alemany, who reported the story for the Post, told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" the criticisms have been percolating on the right for several weeks.

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"The rub here, as you point out, is that the witnesses and the targets that some of these groups are pushing have credibility issues that Democrats have recently highlighted in a 316-page report that they released last week," Alemany said. "On some of these very witnesses, again, that places like the Center for Renewing America, the same places criticizing Jordan have pushed forward to be the face of this investigation and this push to sort of flesh out the narrative, the unsubstantiated narrative, that there is corruption and bias in the federal government against conservatives and House Republicans."

"You know, I think, yesterday Jim Jordan sort of got a few more points on the scoreboard with the way that the hearing went," Alemany added. "There was some praise that we heard from people who claim, you know, that these critics need to give him some time to build up a committee that is ambitious as they've set this committee up to be. Jordan himself dismissed a lot of the criticisms in an interview. As Stephen Miller said to us on the record, there is a conversation happening at this very moment about the tactics and the methods of, sort of, the investigative strategy within the committee going forward."

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