Trump is not just paranoid, but 'sounding guilty': Watergate prosecutor
Donald Trump on Instagram (Screenshot)

Former Watergate prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks believes it is likely Donald Trump is still in possession of government documents during a Saturday appearance on MSNBC.

Wine-Banks was interviewed by Alicia Menendez about the bombshell report that the FBI is investigating if Trump is in possession of more documents at Trump Tower in Manhattan or his Bedminster golf club in New Jersey.

"First of all, logic would tell us when you have all those missing folders, that there is something more," Wine-Banks said. "Then you start talking to witnesses and they are saying that there is something more. It's obvious to me that it should have been something that they consider asking for a search warrant for Bedminster, for Trump Tower, for any other place that he might have secreted documents."

"He's also quoted now saying that 'they're mine' and 'do you think that there is someone cooperating with the Department of Justice?' Which to me says guilty mind, guilty mind," Wine-Banks said. "He is not just paranoid, but he is sounding guilty to me."

Wine-Banks predicted the Supreme Court would rule against Trump.

'There's a Presidential Records Act that says every single document from this administration belongs to the people, belongs to historians, belongs to journalists," Wine-Banks said. "When he says they are mine, they are not his, and that's what's wrong with his presidency, he's thinking only about himself and not the people."

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