Jim Jordan buried by Michael Cohen attorney for running interference for Trump
Jim Jordan (R-OH) -- (Photo by Jim Lo Scalzo for AFP)

During an appearance on MSNBC early Saturday morning, attorney Lanny Davis, who is representing former Donald Trump "fixer" Michael Cohen, targeted House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan (R-OH) for attempting to run interference for the former president.

Speaking with host Katie Phang, Davis claimed Jordan's so-called "weaponization" hearings should be looking into the actions of Trump's Department of Justice.

"This is probably the ultimate hypocrisy and that is to have Congressman Jordan, of all people, talking about the weaponization of the Justice Department when he was silent when Trump's Justice Department, according to the U.S. attorney that he appointed, Jeffrey Berman, was intervening in Michael Cohen's case in order to erase the record of Donald Trump being accused by his own prosecutors of directing Michael Cohen to pay the hush money," he told the MSNBC host.

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"So, Congressman Jordan and the weaponization people forget that when Michael Cohen was released during Covid he was ordered back to prison because he wouldn't agree not to write a book and when the Justice Department prosecutors filed papers that were false, saying they have nothing to do with the book, a federal judge rejected what they said and released Michael."

Directing his next comments at Jordan he added, "If that isn't grounds for an investigation about false representations by federal prosecutors under the influence of Donald Trump -- that is a example, a factual example found by a federal judge, of the weaponization of the Justice Department --I don't know what is."

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