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The co-hosts of "The View" unleashed on Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) who spoke out on the floor of the House that the bill codifying marriage equality was unnecessary.

Jordan spoke out against the bill saying that Democrats were trying to distract from inflation with issues like gay marriage. Rep. Mark Pocan (D-WI) shot back that the reason laws like that are necessary is that same-sex married couples need the same rights as straight couples. He specifically cited the problem that an LGBTQ spouse can't make decisions for their partner when they're in the hospital without being married.

The Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade last month drawing criticism at Democrats that they never passed a law to codify abortion. In his own personal decision, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas specifically cited other freedoms he wants to remove because they too weren't historically rooted in the Constitution. He cited the marriage equality decision along with legalizing access to contraception. The House passed a bill that would legalize Roe along with the marriage equality bill, though there was only bipartisan support for the latter.

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It prompted Whoopi Goldberg to school Jordan about what Democrats are fighting for in the election.

"You know, Jim Jordan, I know you don't really pay attention to much, but I will say that what the Democrats seem to be running on is also protecting everyone's rights regardless of whoever you love or whoever you're married to if you are married. I don't know, but they're trying to make sure that the rights you are so easily, you know, able to give away. We're trying to hold on and say, actually, you can't do that, especially for a lot of folks who are also married interracially which is coming up bobbing its ugly head around."

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