Rick Wilson issues a chilling warning about ‘the new GOP’
Congressman Jim Jordan speaking at the 2015 Young Americans for Liberty National Convention at the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Rick Wilson warned that Newt Gingrich's "fascist" threats pose a genuine threat to democracy and the rule of law.

The former speaker of the House threatened jail time for House select committee members during a Fox News interview over the weekend, and Wilson, a former Republican strategist, explained that Gingrich's comments revealed the "authoritarian" nature of the current GOP.

"We've been warning you all along that this election isn't about [Build Back Better] or prescription drugs or guns or climate or anything else in the policy domain," Wilson tweeted. "It's about the emergent authoritarian state shambling its way toward the end of small-d democratic politics."

Wilson predicted Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) would shove House minority leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) aside if Republicans win back the majority, and he would turn the House of Representatives into a Nazi-style weapon against Democrats or anyone else who opposes Donald Trump.

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"Speaker Jordan (and no, Kevin, he didn't take your deal and he is going to shank you) and the MAGAe will comprise a clear majority of the GOP caucus in 2022 and they are Trump's political vergeltungswaffe," Wilson tweeted, referring to German rocket artillery used during World War II. "They don't care about policy. They care about power."

Republicans would immediately move to impeach President Joe Biden and hold endless hearings on Hunter Biden's laptop, Black Lives Matter and Antifa to "terrorize" their political opponents, Wilson said, and they would use their power to "investigate" Trump's election lies and undermine faith in democracy.

"Because if the election of 2020 is illegitimate to their base, anything goes," Wilson tweeted. "I warned in 2019 that they'd mainstream political violence because the acquisition and retention of political power is the only ideological underpinning."

They would also use their regulatory power to punish corporations that don't serve their interests, especially social media companies, and Wilson said those threats would work.

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"The new GOP is nationalist, populist, and increasingly fascist," he tweeted.

"Yes, they'll try to put their opponents in jail," Wilson concluded. "Yes, they'll use the full power of the state to do what they can't do at the ballot box. Stop thinking this is about anything else but alloyed fascism."