WATCH: GOP lawmaker complains about being locked out of his office for refusing to show vaccination papers
Screen cap / Twitter

On Wednesday, Republican Washington state Rep. Jim Walsh posted a video of himself complaining that he has been locked out of the state Capitol complex — because he has not followed rules about presenting proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

"Today I can't get in the John L. O'Brien Building," complained Walsh in the video. "Normally my key card will open this door. It doesn't open this door today. What's happened? Well, the House Executive Rules Committee has come up with what they call an 'interim policy' that prevents members from getting in the buildings on the Capitol campus if they don't present COVID vaccine papers. And I have not presented COVID vaccine papers. So I can't access my office, I can't access the floor, the main chambers over under the dome — I can't do work from the Capitol as a legislator in this state. This is unusual!"

Walsh is not alone among Republican state legislators in defying COVID-19 guidelines around the country.

Virginia GOP state Sen. Amanda Chase was required to sit behind plexiglass while the chamber was in session over her refusal to wear a face mask. And Alaska state Sen. Lora Reinbold, who ultimately got COVID-19 herself, was banned from Alaska Airlines for not following mask directions.

Watch below: