MSNBC’s Mika blames Trump’s ‘treasonous’ Taliban dealings for Afghan chaos — but finds a way to let him off the hook

MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski trashed Donald Trump's dealings with the Taliban as "treasonous" -- but still laid blame for Afghanistan's collapse on President Joe Biden.

The Biden administration was surprised how swiftly the nation fell to Taliban forces, which officials see as confirmation of their decision to leave after 20 years, but the "Morning Joe" host said the current president owns the disaster even if it was set in motion by his predecessor's failures.

"I don't disagree about Trump's involvement with this, and that his dealings with the Taliban being downright disgusting and treasonous whatever word you want to use, anti-democratic, not conducive to a good outcome -- however you want to describe it," Brzezinski said. "But this is Joe Biden's. He made this decision. I worry a little bit about the what-aboutism, putting it back on Trump. You can do it, he owns a lot of it, but Joe Biden made this decision."

08 16 2021 06 31 22