Biden 'completely wrong' to deny 'obvious reality' in classified docs case: columnist
President Joe Biden is having better news this week, with Senate wins and an end to his Covid bout. (OLIVIER DOULIERY/AFP)

President Joe Biden has maintained "there's no 'there' there" in his handling of classified documents, but one conservative columnist argued that only makes his case look the same as Donald Trump's.

The former president stashed top-secret government materials at his private Mar-a-Lago resort after leaving office and refused to return them to the National Archives when asked, but The Bulwark's Will Saletan said the Biden administration was sending a confusing message by insisting the current president had done nothing wrong.

"Biden is completely wrong," Saletan wrote. "The 'no "there" there' defense doesn’t distinguish him from Trump. It makes the two cases look alike. It positions Biden, like Trump, as a denier of obvious reality. Biden shouldn’t have had classified records in his home, his garage, or other unauthorized locations. But he did."

The president read a scripted statement last week saying he had no regrets about taking classified materials to one of his old private offices, his home library and a garage at his residence, but two days later FBI agents again found classified documents at his Wilmington home in the presence of Biden's personal legal team and the White House counsel's office.

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"Stop pretending there isn’t anything to see here," Saletan wrote. "We already know there is. The only remaining question is how bad it is. So far, there’s no evidence that Biden, his lawyers, or the White House resisted attempts by DOJ or the National Archives to recover documents, as Trump did. But as to how many classified files Biden improperly retained, or what they were: We don’t yet know."