MSNBC anchor breaks down critical flaw in Joe Manchin's obsolete view on bipartisanship

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) was taken to task on MSNBC for caring more about the views of GOP senators representing other states than the needs of his West Virginia constituents.

MSNBC anchor and chief legal correspondent Ari Melber played a clip of President Joe Biden discussing how he had the support of GOP voters for his American Rescue Plan even if it lacked supporter from Republican lawmakers.

"Tens of millions of voters matter more than a few Republican politicians in D.C. -- especially when those politicians ignore their own constituents because the politicians are more worried about primaries than even what their constituents want or what might be good policy for their state," Melber said. "This is the difference between politician bipartisanship and people bipartisanship."

"Yet, Joe Manchin, who is often the 50th vote for Democrats, he's using the old model," he explained. "On several issues, he's now saying he'll only back a bill from Biden that he might otherwise agree with if it's deemed that it's not partisan, which he defines by the old model of getting Republican senators to support it. So think about that, Joe Manchin's actual public position right now is that he cares more about what politicians in other states do than what his own constituents support."

"Shouldn't they matter more to Manchin than whether an idea is supported by Ted Cruz (R-TX) or what Mitch McConnell (R-KY) does?" Melber wondered.


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