WATCH: Former GOP lawmaker admonished by MSNBC host for swearing on-air at Trump
MSNBC screenshot

Former Illinois Republican lawmaker Joe Walsh was pulled up short on Sunday morning when he swore at Donald Trump while ranting about the former president's widely-panned speech to North Carolina Republicans on Saturday night.

Speaking with hosts Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser, former House member Walsh was asked about the ex-president's heavily-promoted come-back, with the ex-lawmaker responding that Trump should be shunned because he incited an insurrection that had lawmakers fleeing the Capitol last January.

That was when he called Trump a "son-of-a-b*tch" that cause Reiser to raise her eyebrows.

"It's the same old story," Walsh began. "I'm struck by this -- five months ago today we had a violent attack on our government. Five months ago today there was a violent attempt to overthrow an American election all because of -- incited by Donald Trump. Five months ago we had an insurrection in America directly incited by Donald Trump. Five months later this son of a b*tch's hold on the party is even stronger than it was then. This is his party."

"Joe, this is a family show," Reiser quickly interjected with co-host Gibson jumping in to say, "Joe, sorry, not a fan of 'Fatal Attraction' or 'Jerry Maguire,' but we'll let that go," as the abashed Walsh smiled.

Watch below:

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