MAGA-rioting Nevada candidate slammed by judge after contesting primary loss
Joey Gilbert. (Photo via Gilbert for Governor Facebook page)

On Wednesday, The Nevada Independent reported that Joey Gilbert, a former professional boxer turned personal injury attorney who ran for governor of Nevada on a pro-Trump platform, suffered a resounding loss in state court in his bid to overturn the results of the GOP gubernatorial primary.

"District Court Judge James Wilson issued the ruling for summary judgment in favor of Clark County sheriff and Republican gubernatorial nominee Joe Lombardo from the bench on Wednesday, blocking the election contest from proceeding further," reported Riley Snyder. "Gilbert’s election contest, filed after a statewide recount on July 15, heavily relied on testimony from Edward Solomon, identified by the suit as an 'expert mathematician,' who has alleged since the 2020 election that 'algorithms' have been responsible for switching votes in multiple states. Wilson called the Solomon report 'hearsay, first of all,' and said there was no showing that the information provided by 'the admitted non-expert Mr. Solomon … is the product of a reliable methodology.'"

"Gilbert lost his race to Lombardo by more than 26,000 votes in the June primary election, but refused to concede the race and later filed for a statewide recount that did not substantially change the results," said the report. "The recount and the legal challenge to the result have been funded by Reno-based cryptocurrency millionaire and conservative activist Robert Beadles. In a blog post after the hearing, Beadles said the case would be appealed to the state Supreme Court."

"Broadly speaking, the election contest lawsuit claims an 'illegal formula' was used to tabulate votes, and that the distribution of reported 2022 primary election results from mail, early and Election Day voters do not line up with expected results in a 'fair election,'" said the report. "Those claims center largely on a 40-page analysis from Solomon."

Gilbert, who was present at the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, ran a campaign laden with QAnon undertones. He released one ad that claimed billionaire philanthropists Bill Gates and George Soros "want to enslave every generation" and another promoting a Florida health official linked to a group whose leader claims "lizard people" run the government.

The Nevada Republican Party, which has separately been struggling with an attempted hostile takeover of a key county chapter by the Proud Boys, has pushed back against Gilbert's election fraud conspiracy theories, with party chair Mike McDonald telling the Las Vegas Review-Journal, "There's no indication that there's any fraud right now. It's disappointing that those comments come out of the Republican Party."

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