New video shows 'coup memo' author John Eastman pushing to oust Wisconsin lawmakers who won't 'decertify' 2020 election

On Monday, ABC News reported that attorney John Eastman, the author of the infamous "coup memo" used as a justification for blocking the certification of the 2020 election, tried to push the Wisconsin state legislature to overturn President Joe Biden's election win as recently as last month.

A new video obtained by activist Lauren Windsor shows Eastman in action last month as he urged Wisconsin Republicans to pass a resolution saying the 2020 vote had been "illegally certified."

"The Wisconsin legislature... has the ability to look at the assessment and say, you know, our election was illegally certified," he said. "The consequences of that, we can fight about."

Eastman went on to claim there was precedent for taking such an action, even though there is no precedent for a state legislature declaring its own state's vote was illegally certified more than a year ago.

"If they want to pass a resolution saying our election was illegally certified, that federal election was illegally certified, there's no power in the state other than the legislature that can stop it!" he said. "If they're not going to exercise the power that we the people gave to them then we need to find people who will!"

After this line, the Trump-supporting Republicans in the room erupted in cheers.

Watch the video below.

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