MSNBC's Claire McCaskill burns down Trump's 'nutjob' lawyer John Eastman: 'You don't belong in the law, buddy'
CBS Denver/screen grab

MSNBC's Claire McCaskill unloaded on Federalist Society lawyer John Eastman for crafting a spurious legal argument aimed at overturning a lawful election.

Eastman incorrectly told Mike Pence on Jan. 5 that the vice president had the constitutional authority to block the certification of Joe Biden's election, and he sent Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) a six-point memo outlining the process for Pence to reject electors from seven states to keep Donald Trump in power -- but both men declined to carry out the scheme.

"What's really scary about that memo is that the man who was trusted to teach law students," said McCaskill, a former Democratic senator and "Morning Joe" contributor. "I listen to the people on the right, 'Oh, higher education is all communist teachers and socialist teachers and it's all left wing.' This guy, this nutjob was behind a lectern in a law school teaching students about the law, and clearly he has no respect for the law. I cannot imagine how this guy could keep a law license. I think any court -- and I don't care how Trumpian the court is -- and look at that memo and the reality of our founding fathers' documents that we have lived by and been proud of these many years and not say, 'You don't belong in the law, buddy. You belong out there maybe selling computers somewhere.'"

"This is not something you should be embracing, and nobody should respect this guy's opinion," she added. "I would like to find another professor anywhere who says John Eastman's memo was anything close to a reality under our Constitution."

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