Law professor who questioned Kamala Harris' citizenship pushed out of job after speaking at Trump's Capitol rally​
Chapman University Professor John Eastman. (YouTube/Screenshot)

On Thursday, The Los Angeles Times reported that one of President Donald Trump's favorite law professors has been pushed out of his job after speaking at the D.C. rally that devolved into a violent invasion of the U.S. Capitol.

"John Eastman, an endowed professor and constitutional law scholar at Chapman, spoke alongside Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani at the 'Save America' rally Jan. 6, making the unsubstantiated claim that 'secret folders' inside ballot-counting machines skewed both the presidential and Georgia Senate race results in Democrats' favor," said the report. "Chapman President Daniele Struppa said in a statement that the university and Eastman had reached an agreement and Eastman would retire immediately. Both parties agreed not to take any kind of legal action, including over claims of defamation, which Eastman had alleged."

Eastman has drawn controversy, and gained favor in Trump's inner circle, for pushing broadly discredited fringe legal theories, including an alternate interpretation of the 14th Amendment's definition of citizenship popular with white nationalists.

In 2020, Eastman wrote a Newsweek essay falsely suggesting that Kamala Harris was not a U.S. citizen because her parents were immigrants. He was also one of the lead proponents of the idea that Vice President Mike Pence had the power to discard electoral votes for Joe Biden during the certification process — something Pence himself concluded was false after consulting with his legal team.

Watch video below via CBS Los Angeles:

Chapman University Faces Pressure To Fire Professor John Eastman Who Spoke At Rally Before Capitol B