Fox News host nails GOPer for offering nothing 'other than just criticism' on Biden's budget
Fox News/screen grab

Fox News host Shannon Bream grilled Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) after Republicans criticized President Joe Biden's budget but failed to put forward their own.

During an interview on Fox News Sunday, Bream noted that Biden said "he's going to reduce the deficit, shore up Medicaid and Social Security and make the rich pay their fair share."

"So what is the GOP counter?" she asked.

"Um, the president's budget took my breath away," Kennedy remarked. "Um, his numbers are extraordinary. We're going to run out of digits here."

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"Uh, the only way I know how to improve the president's budget is with a shredder," he added.

"Well, we're waiting to see what Republicans though want to offer in return other than just criticism," Bream responded. "Here's what The New York Times says, how they characterize what they say is coming. They say hard-right House Republicans are readying a plan to gut the nation's foreign aid budget and make deep cuts to health care, food assistance, and housing programs for poor Americans."

"So again, we've got to get to what the GOP counter is," the Fox News host pressed.

"Well, I'm gonna try to do what's right for the American people," Kennedy deflected. "The media can do what it wants."

Watch the video below from Fox News or at the link.