'Where's Mitt Romney? Where's Susan Collins?' Morning Joe shames GOP senators for blocking voting rights bill

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough shamed Republican senators for blocking a new voting rights bill, and he compared them to notoriously racist Alabama governor George Wallace.

Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has vowed to push through the John Lewis Voting Rights Act to counter GOP-led efforts by some states to restrict access to the ballot, and the "Morning Joe" host hammered the GOP minority for threatening to filibuster the sweeping legislation.

"I don't know how I'm still shocked at my former party, but I am," Scarborough said. "[Sen. Joe] Manchin and [Sen. Kyrsten] Sinema, they will support the Voting Rights Act. You have Republicans who are blocking a vote, they won't allow the vote. If you want to vote against this, vote against it -- for God's sake, that's your right -- but to block the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, to stand in schoolhouse door and stop other people from voting for it? You don't have to vote for it, just let it get to the floor and debate it."

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"Not one Republican, I heard something about [Sen.] Lisa Murkowski thinking about it," he continued. "Where is [Sen.] Mitt Romney? Is Mitt Romney against extending the Voting Rights Act? where is [Sen.] Susan Collins? Is she telling us that she is against extending the Voting Rights Act that every single Republican voted to extend in 2005, 2006? Where is [Sen.] Ben Sasse, what does he not like about this voting rights act? Again, if you don't want to vote for it, if the people of Nebraska are against extending the Voting Rights Act that actually allowed Black Americans, that guaranteed actually the right to vote in this country safely? If the people of Nebraska are against it, vote against it, but let the United States Senate have an up-or-down vote."

"Here we are in 2022, for God's sake, 2022, [and] Joe Manchin can't find 10 Republicans who support extending the Voting Rights Act in the way the Roberts court directed them to a couple of years ago," Scarborough added. "I'm sorry -- to me, that is beyond breathtaking and beyond depressing. It's an indictment of the Republican Party."

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