John Oliver trashes Arizona’s 'pathetically desperate' election audit: 'We’ll be lucky if nobody gets hurt'
John Oliver on Arizona's fake election audit (Photo: screen capture)

"Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver closed off the news week with a commentary on the absurd efforts by the Arizona Republican Party to "recount" the 2020 election votes in an effort to "find" discrepancies that could somehow prove that Donald Trump won the election.

"For the record, this recount is a total joke," said Oliver.

He explained that the company conducting the so-called audit, Cyber Ninjas, is doing so without security, expertise or attention to detail. Ballots have been left unattended, untrained workers used different rules to count the ballots, and at one point even allowed counters to use pens that could have enabled the counters to change the votes.

But Oliver's favorite thing to mock was that the Twitter account for the Maricopa County "audit" team attacked the Arizona secretary of state for making "baseless claimes" (sic).

"Which, doesn't exactly fill with confidence about their attention to detailes (sic)," Oliver said, mocking the typo.

There have already been multiple audits of the election count and no problems have been found, but, disturbingly, the GOP is convinced that if they count them, somehow they can change the outcome.

"It is genuinely insane to swoop into a county that, remember, has already done multiple audits of its election count finding no evidence of fraud with the attitude of, 'Ok, but what if we do it sh*tty this time?'" said Oliver.

One election supervisor was on hand, hoping to have some semblance of legitimacy to the so-called audit, but the reality, according to Oliver, is that it doesn't matter.

"The problem is though, that the people behind this recount aren't going to be convinced unless the results swing their way," he said. "We know this is true, because, again, there have already been multiple audits conducted in Maricopa County and they weren't convinced by the results."

Oliver also mocked Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and an awkward moment in a Texas hearing where it was revealed that the law included provisions that attempt to "protect the purity of the vote," a frequently used phrase by white supremacists during the Jim Crow era as they tried to block people of color from voting.

Oliver closed the segment saying that Arizona, in particular, is "playing a dangerous game, and things are probably only going to get more volatile."

He used California gubernatorial candidate John Cox to make an analogy after the Republican candidate brought a live bear to his campaign events.

"It's pathetically desperate and we'll all be lucky if nobody seriously gets hurt," he closed.

See the video below: