Hunter Biden laptop repairman peddling 'fresh clean copies of the drive' to 'bent' FBI
Fox News/screen grab

Computer repairman John Paul Mac Isaac said on Sunday that he is prepared to provide "fresh clean copies" of Hunter Biden's hard drive to the FBI even though the department is "bent."

During an interview on Fox News, host Will Cain asked Isaac if there was a smoking gun proving that the FBI officially buried the story about Biden's laptop so that former President Donald Trump would lose the election.

"Do you think that probably exists?" Cain wondered. "Do you expect that's somewhere and has yet to be seen?"

"I think the FBI is smart enough not to create a paper trail when it comes to affecting the course of an election," Isaac replied. "I'm not surprised there's not a paper trail. I hope the FBI is smart enough not to implicate them in something like that."

The repairmen said that he knew the FBI was corrupt because Biden's laptop was not admitted as evidence in Trump's first impeachment trial.

"That's when I knew the FBI was bent," he said.

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Fox News host co-host Rachel Campos Duffy declared that Isaac had been "vindicated" after so many people were "just trying to cancel you."

"Do you hear from the FBI?" Cain pressed.

"Not at all," the jilted repairman revealed. "I've offered fresh, clean copies of the drive if they've lost the one that I gave them back in December. You know, if they want to work with me, I respect the agency."

"I would like to give the opportunity to the FBI to revisit this issue and clear their name," he concluded.

Watch the video below from Fox News or at the link.