Louisiana GOP official arrested for taping children's mouths shut at his Christian school
Rev. John Raymond (Slidell Police).

According to the Lafayette Daily Advertiser, Rev. John Raymond, a Louisiana Republican Party official and pastor, has been arrested on charges of child cruelty following reports that he taped children's mouths shut at a Christian school he runs.

"Raymond is headmaster of the non-denominational Lakeside Christian School in Slidell," reported Greg Hilburn. "'Our students are encouraged to walk daily with Christ as they grow in maturity and stature surrounded by a dedicated, nurturing faculty,' Lakeside's website describes the school. But WWL reported three students and their parents said the children were brought by Raymond to his office, where the children's mouths were closed with packing tape that wrapped around their heads."

According to the report, the tape was a punishment for children who talk too much in class.

"WWL's report said the children were sent back to class with the tape wrapped around their heads and mouths for 45 minutes 'until another school administrator began feeling uncomfortable about the situation and used scissors to remove the tape,'" Hillburn continued, noting that the children complained of pain and trouble breathing.

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The report notes that Raymond is the credentials committee chair of the Louisiana Republican Party State Central Committee, and determines if there is a quorum during meetings. He was also a losing contestant on the reality TV show Survivor, and a contemporary story on the season described him as "bossy, dominating" and that he "irritated his tribemates."

This comes as Republicans around the country declare war on how schools are being run and claim that teachers are violating "parental rights" by teaching inappropriate concepts about race and sexuality — an apparent pretext to stop any discussion of these issues.

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