Far-right Supreme Court justices are 'moving on' past John Robert's control: CNN legal analyst
Clarence Thomas, John Roberts, Sam Alito (Photo via Jonathan Ernst for AFP)

During a panel discussion on the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade last Friday, a CNN legal expert stated that the hard-right conservative wing on the court is putting Chief Justice John Roberts and his moderating influence on the sideline as it pursues its legal agenda.

Speaking with hosts Jim Sciutto and Poppy Harlow, CNN Supreme Court reporter Ariane de Vogue claimed the five conservatives on the court are "moving on" from Roberts.

"John Roberts, though, very deeply, deeply a conservative himself, for instance, on Roe v. Wade wanted it overturned over time, just not immediately, but he wanted a more incremental approach," host Sciutto proposed. "He's lost this court, has he not, now that there's quite a conservative five willing to take on a whole host of other issues? Where is the moderating force at this point?"

"Right," de Vogue replied. "I remember before Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died, Roberts was in that key position. He could really decide case, his vote counted. Now [Justice] Amy Coney Barrett has taken that seat."

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"No question he's a conservative," she added. "We see him taking a lead often in the religious liberty cases. He was there with the conservative -- with the Second Amendment case. Here, in the abortion case, it really outlines how the conservative, the right branch of this court is moving on without him."

"Roberts, he wanted to maybe allow the Mississippi law, but stop there; wait on Roe. The conservatives didn't stop. They didn't want that incrementalism, they moved forward without him, leaving him behind on perhaps one of the biggest cases, really, in decades."

Watch video below.

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