High-profile Jan. 6 defense attorney disbarred for misconduct

An attorney who has represented a number of high-profile Jan. 6 defendants has been disbarred by a Virginia state court.

Jonathan Moseley -- who has represented Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes, Oath Keepers member Kelly Meggs, Stop the Steal founder Ali Alexander and Proud Boys leader Zachary Rehl -- had his law license revoked after a two-day hearing in Prince William County Circuit Court, reported Politico.

A summary posted online shows the court found Moseley violated “professional rules that govern safekeeping property; meritorious claims and contentions; candor toward the tribunal; fairness to opposing party and counsel; unauthorized practice of law, multijurisdictional practice of law; bar admission and disciplinary matters … and misconduct.”

Moseley plans to appeal the disbarment, which was effective Friday, but declined to comment further on the punishment.

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The disbarment could complicate a number of cases, including the trial of 11 Oath Keepers, including Meggs, charged with seditious conspiracy, and he is also representing Rhodes and Alexander in their lawsuits to block the House select committee from obtaining their phone records.